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The Symbolic Meaning of the Number Four

The symbolic meaning of number four is another highly predominant number that consistently reveals itself in ancient symbolism. It represents stability, the body, and the illusion of time – the 4th dimension. 

Symbolism Four

The scared number is typically epitomised in squares (and cubes) together with the cross which refers to the four cardinal points, the four elements, four quarters of the earth, four seasons and the four winds from which the one spirit is said to originate.

There are also four emotional states of the body; physical, emotional, sensation and spiritual, four states of matter; gas, liquid, solid and plasma, and four forces of nature that bind matter together; strong, weak, gravity and magnetic electricity. 

All the above are exoteric meanings of the number four. Exoteric means “intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.”

In other words, the exoteric meaning given for symbols is only a fraction of the jigsaw.

However, from the exoteric meaning given for symbols, it is possible to decode the esoteric meaning – the hidden meaning that you really should know about.

The Symbolic Meaning of Number Four in Religious Symbolism

The four in religion identifies solid foundations and the human psyche, the cornerstones required to manifest things in your life.

The square represents the earth in Chinese symbolism. 

It is said in Christianity that there are four pillars that support heaven. There is a significant focus on the need for work and productivity. It is not a coincidence that you often find four pillars outside the entrance of government buildings – the place of authority, which in you is the conscious mind.

Esoteric symbolism four

The decision-maker in your head is the conscious mind, yet, according to estimations put forward by psychologists, 99-95% of our actions are driven by the subconscious.

The subconscious is the ego or demi-god. The Gnostics called the ego the demi-urge – the demon that thinks its god.

In other eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, the principle of four represent compassion, affection, love and impartiality.

Hindus also identify the four inner senses of the human psyche; mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), differentiating memories (chitta), and self-awareness (ahankara). 

So here is a clue to the esoteric meaning; thoughts become things.

It is widely regarded in today’s science that the energy of thought has the potential to manifest as matter. Although science has not found the unequivocal answer to the Grand Unification question, they are getting closer.

“The Law of Karma reveals scientifically how our current experience is affected by our past actions and how our current actions create our future reality. It shows us the root cause of everything. The Law of Karma empowers us to heal and transform every aspect of our lives and become a more powerful creator and manifestor.” ~ Dr. Rulin Xiu (neuroscientist) Tao Science, The Science, Wisdom, and Practice of Creation and Grand Unification

The number four is a key indicator that reveals the foundation of your ultimate goal.

When you see the number four consistently revealing its energy, it is the first glimpse of your future reality. Observe what is happening in your life right now and you will have more control over the energy you transform.

 This sometimes means you have to develop the mental strength to overcome the thoughts and actions of your habitual mind.

However, look out for three fours. When you see the repetition of 444 you have nothing to fear. 


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