Esoteric symbolism lifts the veil of illusion and reveals the secrets to life. When you understand how ancient symbolism works, you have the power to reprogram self-defeating belief systems and bad habits that do not serve you.
Learn Esoteric Symbolism

Learn Esoteric Symbolism

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Master Mind Content uses esoteric symbolism to explore the unconscious mind, identify personality traits that need developing or deflating, and find solutions to life’s problems.

Our in-depth symbolism guides explain the esoteric meaning of symbols in great detail. Moreover, you will learn how you can apply symbolism for self-development and to make decisions with confidence.

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Why Learn Esoteric Symbolism?

Esoteric wisdom reveals everything you need to know about yourself. Once you understand the meaning of symbols that appear to you in dreams and in your waking life, you acquire knowledge that enables you to transform your energy, integrate repressed consciousness, cultivate wisdom, make decisions with confidence and attract more of the things you want in life.

Furthermore, when you understand the true secrets hidden behind symbols, ancient myths make complete sense and you can use them for guidance. Master Mind Content show you how to translate the esoteric meaning of symbols in relation to your psyche and personality.

After years of studying ancient myth, depth-psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, NLP, epigenetics, biology and chemistry, we have linked modern science with ancient wisdom. This timeless knowledge reveals how to find inner peace, expand conscious awareness and cultivate a rich quality of of life. And now, we want to share everything we know with you!

Master Mind Content Symbolism Courses

We offer several esoteric symbolism courses at the moment, and will be adding more shortly. We recommend starting with the Beginner’s Guide To Symbolism because this lays the foundations for all the other courses. This saves us repeating the same information in every course.  

When you are ready to delve deeper,  our in-depth courses will show you how to interpret symbols from specific systems of symbolism and explains what you should do when a symbol appears to you. Investing in any of our in-depth courses (not the Beginner’s Guide) or a self-development program also gives you access to the VIP Members Area where you will have access to privileged content which supplements information in each of the courses. Not only do we take you deeper, we take you higher as well!

Each of the courses build a bigger picture of how the mind-body-energy connection works and provides you with a powerful tool you can use for personal development. The idea for these courses is to show you how you can use esoteric symbolism to resolve any challenges you are facing in your life, improve how you feel on a day-to-day basis, help you achieve your life goals and cultivate the life you want. 

 Use Esoteric Symbolism To Your Advantage

Beginner's Guide To Symbolism

Beginner's Guide To Esoteric Symbolism

This course is best suited for people that are curious about esoteric symbolism and want to know more. It lays the foundations for everything you will learn in the other courses.

The content explains the esoteric meaning of symbols and sacred numbers found in myth, religions and alchemical texts and reveals what they mean in relation to the mind and energy.

  • 79-Pages and 33 symbols

  • Learn how to identify the Self-ego axis, higher and lower faculties of mind

  • Differentiate between personal programs and your True Nature and learn to identify which aspect of consciousness is influencing your thoughts, actions and emotions

  • Price $33

Religious Symbolism Booking

Religious Symbolism Course

This course will interest anybody with an interest in esoteric symbolism. It demystifies religious dogma and gives you significant insights into life that are genuinely useful.

  • Learn the true meaning of the key symbols used by all six of the major religions
  • Learn the ancient wisdom behind the symbols and how to use it for your benefit
  • Discover how you can use ancient symbolism to improve your health and your relationships
  • Learn how the mind-body-energy connection works and develop an in-depth understanding of the subconscious mind
  • Access to VIP Members Area
  • Price $66
Number Symbolism

Number Symbolism Course

This course is ideal for people that notice synchronicity of numbers and are curious about what they mean. And they do carry a significant meaning!

What’s more, the explanations are in-depth and show you how I decoded the esoteric meaning of numbers by using symbolism from multiple systems. You will not find diluted explanations like you do with angel numbers here. The content reveals the secret meaning of symbols used by organised religions, world mythologies, the tarot, the Kabbalah, astrology and ancient alchemy.

  • Discover the esoteric meanings of 0-22 and 33
  • Learn the esoteric meaning of 72 other symbols
  • Practical advice of how to work with numbers everyday
  • Access to VIP Members Area
  • Price $66