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The Symbolic Meaning of The Number Six 

The lessons to learn from the symbolic meaning of six are harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. We are required to call upon the energy of the six when dealing with diplomacy and sensitive matters. It is the ability to feel compassion and love in any given situation.

In numerology, the number six indicates a balanced personality. People who predominantly display features of the six are responsible, idealist, carers, unselfish, teachers, protectors, charitable and have emotional depth. 

The negative aspect of the six personality is that you are disconnected, hypocritical, weak, shallow, submissive, restless and easily stressed. 

People who have too much energy from the six are pulled in different directions by others to the point they are continually giving and being distracted from what they really want to be doing, or should be doing. 

In esoteric teachings, the symbolic meaning of six is often represented by the hexagon, sometimes formed by two overlapping triangles as we see in the Star of David and Seal of Solomon

Star of David 6 symbolism

In essence, we are told, this is the coming together of the male and female principles in divine union. 

However, that is not quite true. It actually means the integration of the conscious mind – symbolised by the male principle or upward-facing triangle, and the unconscious mind, symbolised by the female principle, or down-facing triangle.

The six is, therefore, the joining together of the two creative expressions we find in three, integrated with one another in the six – the joining together of two opposites. 

The Symbolic Meaning of six in Religion

The Bible reflects the same principles given in numerology. The symbolic meaning of six in Christianity represents human weakness, someone who is not able to overcome temptations. In the creation story, man was created on the sixth day. 

The six is base consciousness and only by transcending to the seven will you gain a better understanding of life, improve your personality or work with the laws of nature. 

The number of the beast – 666 – represents the point when a man is enslaved by his basic nature in body, mind and soul. 666, therefore, represents the animal nature of man when we enter the physical plane. 

“The bringing together of three 6’s is the number and mark of the end time Beast of Revelation. As such, it represents the very best system of governance that mankind can produce WITHOUT God and under the constant influence of his chief adversary.” ~ P. D. Ouspensky, Symbols of the Tarot

Like in many eastern religions the purpose in life is to liberate the mind whereby you will transcend from base consciousness to higher consciousness.

Acting on the Six

When sixes continually appears in your life, you have to find a way to balance your time and your emotions. You need the strength to say no and not take on too many responsibilities that burden you despite your innate intuition to help and serve others. 

Esoteric Symbolism six

It may also mean you need to balance the energy you are transforming. If you have an addiction to drink, gambling,  over-eating, sex for gratification or something else, do you need to consider taking things in moderation rather than indulgence?

Sometimes, the sixes will be an indication that you need to allow the contents of your unconscious into your conscious mind. Observe your thoughts and feelings and ask yourself whether a repressed emotion is trying to break free. The qualities we need to develop are always in the unconscious.

If you do not take time out to care for your own needs, try to improve your character traits and resist temptation, you cannot move into a state of self-awareness which leads you along the path to the higher self. 


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