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The Spiritual Meaning of the Number Five 

The spiritual meaning of the number five is believed to be magical, but more often than not is a number associated with mankind. The five-pointed star is said to represent the head and limbs of a human being. 

However, this is only a fraction of the five’s true meaning.

The number five is also associated with the planet Mercury, which, as discussed in the symbolic meaning of the number one, is related to the Greek God Hermes. 

In tarot, an ancient tradition which incorporates hermetic symbols, fives are indicative of a problem but also offers solutions.

However, once you have a solution, a plan of action must be developed through passion, emotion, ideas or work. 

Vitruvian Man symbolic fiveFive of the 10 commandments teach us about our relationship with “God” (consciousness), whilst the last five teach us of the laws of nature – our true selves and how we should behave towards others and ourselves. 

The deeper spiritual meaning of five, therefore, represents the need for inner-wisdom. Man must look within himself. This is the true meaning of Leonardo di Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

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The Five in Religion

The spiritual meaning of five features predominantly in Christian churches as a 5-pointed star. This is actually a representation of the pentacle, or as it is more widely known, the pentagram. 

Baphomet five symbolismAn upturned pentagram, of course, is associated with Devil worship – also incorrectly identified as occultism – and thus considered an evil symbol. 

This idea actually comes from the portrayal of Baphomet in his role as the dark side of human nature. 

Whereas this is true, the pentagram has another side, which as seen in Christian churched points upwards. 

The upward-facing point represents the spirit and is a symbol of positive energy. It is only when the point is at a downward trajectory as seen in dark magic circles, that the energy is negative. 

The other four points represent the four elements, the fifth element being a connection with the creator. Each point also recognises five of the seven virtues mankind should adopt towards one another to live in harmony; generosity, fellowship, purity, courtesy and mercy. 

In Hindu symbolism, the five triangles that make up the five points are collectively called the jnanendriyas – knowledge, senses, organs, breathing exercises, and pure consciousness. 

Like we see in the Christian tradition, the pentacle in Hindu countries also identifies with four principles that when followed enable the initiate to connect with his true self – to bring about the fifth element of enlightenment. 

The Five in Ancient Celt

The pentacle is also associated with the Celts which is another reason people have been lead to believe that paganism was a form of Devil worship rather than respecting nature. The ancients were much more in tune with themselves than we are today and the four outward-facing points each represent the principal elements. The fifth upward facing point represented the spirit, the godhead, the fifth element.

If fives keep appearing in your life, it is time to learn life’s lessons so learn the four virtues you need to accomplish the test. 

There are plenty of mystical and religious schools of thought that show you how to reach the most logical solutions you need in life. 

However, the best solution you will find comes from within. 

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