Meditations are far more powerful when you are part of a group. Join Master Mind Content for online group meditation and share your visions and intentions from anywhere in the world. The world needs more love and group meditation is the easiest way to send positive intentions and raise the vibration of the planet.

Free Online Group Meditation

When you feel inspired, you feel more focused, motivated and determined to reach your goals. Master Mind Content intends to create a community through a regular online meditation group that is there to help and support one another, share knowledge and send positive healing vibrations to those that need it the most.

Every week, we will meet to perform a group meditation. You can join us online from anywhere in the world on Thursday’s at 8pm GMT, 9pm CEST. It is free to join the group. The only contribution we ask for is that you send positive intentions towards whatever subject we are focusing during the session.

Group Meditation Helps To Spread The Love

It has been shown on numerous occasions that group meditation has helped to improve a bad situation. The world needs more love and positive energy and every little helps.

Anybody that joins our group meditation is free to set an intention for the week’s session. The intention of the meditation session can be a personal or a global issue.

Perhaps you or a family member is ill or experiencing a blockage which is preventing you from moving forward with your life.

Alternatively, the meditation can focus on sending good vibes to people anywhere in the world that is experiencing a natural disaster or other situation such as miners trapped in a shaft for example.

We appreciate that time is a valuable resource that we need to spend on improving ourselves.

Online group meditation sessions will only last 30-minutes but you are free to continue your practice on your own once you are “in the zone.”



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