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Esoteric Meaning of the Hexagon

As the hexagon is found throughout nature, organised religions insist it is a symbol of harmony and balance. However, the esoteric meaning of the hexagon goes much deeper – right to the heart of our origins.

Of all the geometric shapes in sacred geometry, the hexagon is arguably the most powerful and fascinating. It is found in many spiritual symbols such as the Star of David, The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah and the Hagal Rune composed by ancient tribes of northern Europe.

The Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon, is believed to be one of the oldest symbols ever used. Although its origin is unknown, it probably existed long before it was incorporated into the philosophies of Judaism.

You find the hexagon in the centre of the Star of David. It is the sacred geometry formed by the interlocking of two triangles – the upward-pointing triangle representing positive/male energy, and the downward-facing triangle representing negative/female energy.

That is not to say that men are positive and women are negative. It is merely a way of expressing the positive and negative charges in electromagnetic energy. It is the coming together of these opposing forces of nature that creation is formed.

For instance, the atom is made from positive particles known as protons (male energy) and negative particles known as electrons (female energy). Electrons ‘mate’ with protons in order to find balance. This process is sometimes referred to as the ‘chemical union.’

The same is true of the human body and mind. When we balance our emotions with analytical thought, we evoke the forces governed by the universal laws of nature and become creators of our reality.

The Building Blocks of Creation

Atoms are of course the building blocks of creation. Modern science believes the first atoms occurred immediately after the Big Bang in the form of hydrogen. After that, they regenerated to create other elements consisting of more than one proton and one electron.

This scientific explanation is one of the meanings at the heart of the Star of David. And that heart is the hexagon. Look at nature and you find the hexagon is one of the principal governing patterns that is dominant in the natural world.
And it is at the core of mankind as well.

The hexagon is found in the structure of DNA. It is the formation of the chains that produce the double-helix macromolecule. But the hexagon is not limited to Earth.

One of the most fascinating discoveries of the NASA Voyager and Cassini missions was a cloud vortex on Saturn in the shape of a hexagon. Thus this mysterious six-sided pattern is the fabric of matter in both the microscopic realm and the macrocosm.


Hexagon on Saturn


But what does this all mean? Well, to the ancient sages that incorporated the esoteric meaning of the hexagon into their system of sacred geometry, the six-pointed star represented the potential for life.

And the principles coded into the hexagon can literally transform your life.

The Esoteric Meaning of the Hexagon and the Fruit of Life

In the Kabbalah is a complex system that uses sacred geometry to explain the meaning of life. In it’s most basic form this system of mathematics and geometric shapes in known as the Sephirot – or more commonly the tree of life.

However, the end product that sprouts from the tree of life is the flower of life. Hidden in the patterned network of circles is the fruit of life which is said to open the gateway to higher consciousness.

The fruit of life is composed of 13 circles within the pattern of the flower of life. It is the same pattern as the Hagel Rune from Nordic traditions.

The number 13 is also synonymous with unity and the transition between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

This is why we often find the number 13 expressed throughout many ancient cultures as 12 around the one:

  • Jesus Christ and the 12 disciples
  • King Arthur and the 12 knights of the round table
  • 12 signs of the zodiac around the sun
  • 12 Imams follow Muhammad
  • 12 stations of life in the wheel of dharma (13 is the centre)
  • 12 tribes of Israel, disciples of God

Furthermore, the 12 Gods in Greek, Roman and Zoroastrian myths represent the 12 personality archetypes of an individual. The reference to 13 is man as his true self.

We see this more clearly in the theory of psycho-analyst, Carl G. Jung, in the 20th Century. Jung outlined 12 archetypes which he believed to be the key attributes to adopt to become complete. Jung was heavily influenced by ancient teachings.

When you draw straight lines through the centre of each of the 13 circles, it forms a six-pointed star – the basis of a hexagon when you join all the edges together.

The crudest and most beautiful depiction of a hexagon is the six-pointed star. In its most striking form is the crystallisation of water which is demonstrated in an experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto.


In its most crude form is the Hagal Rune composed by the ancient shamans of the Nordic tribes. This ancient symbol bears a striking resemblance to the image of the water crystals. It should come as no surprise the ancients got the idea for the Rune from nature.

The Hagal Rune also appears like a conceptual star. The scientific community believe many of the elements found on Earth were originally formed in stars and released as the stars burnt out and died.

We find the same pattern used by the Nordic tribes of northern Europe buried in the flower of life. In the Kabbalah, it is called the ‘fruit of life.’ The fruit of life is the point in your personal development when you have a platform to transform your experience of the world.

The fruit of life is referred to as the ‘fruit of spirit’ in Christianity. The fruit of spirit relates to the nine virtues of man according to the Apostle Paul in his letter to Galatians; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

The verse in Galatians 5:23 goes on to state: ‘against such things there is no law.’

In other words, the nine attributes are our true nature. When we master our emotions we become complete, and the mirror-image of the hexagon becomes one. The True Self returns to the source of our origin.

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