Distant healing gives you all the benefits of seeing a Reiki Master for 'hands-on' treatment. The beauty is, you don't even have to make an effort to leave your house. Just lay down, relax and feel the vibration.

Distant Healing You Experience

Distant healing involves setting intentions and trusting in the process. You will need to allow yourself to go into a relaxed state, open yourself up to the healing and let the energy to flow.

When you are in a relaxed state, the boundaries between ego-mind and the world blurs. Subsequently, you are brought into a state of being which enables you to connect more easily with the universal mind free from distractions.

What To Expect During Distant Healing

During the distant healing session, you should experience a shift in your vibrational energy. This will either take the form of a tingling sensation, a warm glow or a sense of peace and calmness. Some people experience a release of energy in the form of belching or flatulence. These are the positive effects of healing emotional issues.

Regardless of the experience you feel whilst the distant healing is taking place, the results should be measurable in physiological and psychological changes. Among other benefits, energy healing helps to improve the immune system and cardiovascular function. It also alleviates symptoms of anxiety depression, anger issues, addictions, stress, relationship problems and any other issues you may be experiencing in your life that are due to blocked energies.



How Does Distant Healing Work?

Every physical ailment has a corresponding imbalance on the emotional level. The ailment appears in the energetic field and the imbalance restricts us in everyday life. Distant healing involved our healers identifying energies that are distorted through various forms of trauma and releasing the pain from the emotional and physical body by severing energetic chords so they can be renewed and transformed.

Distant healing works because energy has no boundaries. This makes it possible for talented Reiki Masters to clear distortions in your energy field. Although there is no scientific proof that distant healing is possible, if you open yourself to Universal energy and trust in the process, you will know for yourself that it works. We don’t need scientists to tell whether energy healing is effective.

Having said that, scientists do know that quantum particles can communicate with one another over unlimited differences. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance’. Today it is known as String Theory. Having experienced how distant healing works, this is the closest science comes to providing an answer. Quantum physicists haven’t figured out how it is possible yet. We have intention, openness and trust.

About Your Distant Healer in Doncaster

Michelle is an experienced Shamanic healer and Reiki Master from Doncaster, United Kingdom. After surviving a near-death experience she developed an acute intuition that enables her to pinpoint psychological and emotional blockages in your energy field.

The combined energies of Shamanism and Reiki work in perfect unison. Michelle’s skill as a Reiki Master enables her to channel your energy through her energy centres in order to identify where the disturbance lies. Her knowledge of Shamanic traditions enables her renew the energy so that a process of healing can take place in you.