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The Symbolic Meaning of Cows in Ancient Mythology 

Cows are recurring themes in ancient mythology. But the appearance of cattle is not simply because of their commonality as domesticated animals and sacrificial beasts. The symbolic meaning of cows teaches us about the importance of managing how you think and behave. The thoughts, actions...

Abduction of Persephone

The Abduction of Persephone, Hymn To Demeter

The abduction of Persephone is among the most famous Greek myths. It’s ‘mysteries’ are believed to have laid the foundations for the Eleusinian Mysteries, secret rituals and imitation rites taught in ancient mystery schools. Whilst it is known that the myth and the secret rites...


What Are Reasons Relapse Don’t Mean Failure?

Relapse following rehab and recovery does not equate to failing. People should probably read that again since most are generally tough on themselves. Relapse has a few different ways it can be defined, but one of the best ways to view it is (quote) “a...

symbolic meaning of the number 13

The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 13

Throughout the world, the symbolic meaning of 13 has a correspondence with bad luck because of its association with Friday 13th. This date is traditionally seen as a day when bad things can happen – but it is mostly a superstition. This common belief dates...

The Symbolic Meaning of the Hexagon

The Symbolic Meaning of Hexagons

When you see synchronicity in numbers and symbols, it’s a sign that an aspect of your personality is trying to make itself known to the conscious mind.  The unknown aspect of your personality is a missing piece of you that has been buried in the...

Symbolic meaning of dolphins

Symbolic Meaning of Dolphins

Symbols appear to us in dreams or patterns of synchronicity. When they do, it is wise to take note. Symbols are the language of the unconscious and understanding their meaning can help you reach a moment of self-realisation. Dolphins are a symbol you want to...

Caregiver Archetype

How To Develop The Caregiver Archetype

Archetypes represent certain personality types of qualities that need to be developed to become whole. Psychologists recognise 12 main archetypes.  The caregiver archetype is one of the most important archetypes to develop. It should also be one of the first, but sadly, is often neglected...

archetypes and complexes

The Role of Archetypes and Complexes

Archetypes and complexes sit at the core of Jungian psychology. To truly understand yourself, it is my opinion, that you need to know how to recognise archetypal energies and determine their role in the emergence of complexes.  No one has done more for the development...