We provide personal development services using psychology and energy healing. We know our tools work because we have personal experience of their transformative qualities. Now we want to share them with you!

Master Mind Content is a brother and sister team with a gift for self-development and energy healing. Along the way, we have been joined by a gifted healer and special friend, Masa. We have all suffered in the past but also found a personal path that guided us to a cure. We have now brought out knowledge and skills together so that we can help you too.

The team at Master Mind Content have a varied skillset which combines perfectly to help you identify repressed consciousness and transform energy. Michelle and Masa are both Reiki Masters and have the ability to tap into your energy field and see into your unconscious. Richard uses depth psychology and archetypal symbolism to identify dominant and unconscious energies. Our selection of tools help guide you to your True Self by bringing unconscious content into the conscious mind.

Personal Development and Energy Healing Services

Personal development is essentially self-healing. It involves becoming consciously aware of the energy you are projecting and transforming energy that creates low-quality experiences into energy that creates the life you want to live and feel the way you want to feel. 

We know our methods work because we have first-hand experience of self-healing. You can read our stories below. Before we began our journeys, we had no interest in “spiritual healing” or psycho-spiritual practices. If you had told us these simple techniques work, we would not have believed you. The world told us that energy healing is make-belief “woo-woo”! 

What we know to be true know is that everything is energy and the only way to improve your life is to transform your energy. We know that from personal experience – not because that’s what the world told us!

The team at Master Mind Content use their knowledge of psychology and energy healing to identify the energies that drive your habitual behaviours. We then explore your unconscious and identify the repressed energies in your unconscious that you need to integrate into conscious awareness. There is nothing “spiritual” or “woo-woo” about energy healing. 

We appreciate that each person heals in different ways and have a selection of self-development tools to share with you. Some will work for you, others will not. Rest assured, our personal development program is customised to focus on your specific needs. We provide 1-2-1 solutions, not all-4-1 packages.

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Richard Oldale



Richard’s gift is his ability to identify archetypal energies using his unique knowledge of esoteric symbolism. Having studied depth-psychology and decoded the hidden meaning of symbols in ancient mythology he recognised that knowledge of the body-mind content and can be used a powerful personal development tool. This knowledge helped him overcome anxiety and will help you heal as well. 



Michelle is a Shaman and Reiki Master with extraordinary power for energy healing. After almost being killed by a Brazil nut, she developed the amazing gift of healing which she nurtured and perfected. During her own healing journey, she has overcome bulimia, purified her subconscious programs and totally changed her fortunes around. Her clients say she has magic hands!

Masa Energy Healer



Masa is a skilled Reiki Master, hypnotherapist and yogina with an in-depth understanding of energy transformation and a wonderful gift for healing. Derailed by anxiety and panic attacks she ignored conventional treatments to find her own path and eventually rediscover her True Nature. During her healing journey, Masa acquired timeless wisdom that enables her to share her gift with other people.

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